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Creating & Scaling ecommerce brands

Meta & Google Ads that increase your ROI

We don't just see ourselves as an agency, and you won't either;

we are a growth partner, working with the dedication and passion as if we owned 49% of your company.

- Even after the first month.

Us as your partner - for life?

Our AI is trained weekly with the latest industry news and insights.


We tailor our communication and reporting to suit your preferences.


Our network of agencies and experts allow us to receive insights and find any additional services you may need.


Everything we offer is customized to your specific situation.

Why us?

  • Machine & Human

  • Communication

  • We're Connected

  • No Plug-n-Plays

We have helped these companies:

Companies we've helped.


  • We offer flexible month-to-month agreements to avoid the typical long-term contracts and complications of conventional agencies. This approach ensures mutual comfort and satisfaction with our services, allowing you to continue with us based on positive results and experience.

    We aim to create beneficial relationships, not prisons.

  • Partnering with us is straightforward: for any brands you refer to our service, a 20% commission of their monthly bill is yours. Take a straightforward example: they're billed €10,000 in a month, you receive €2,000. This arrangement continues for as long as they remain a client with us.

  • Our edge is our AI, we run every decision we make for you through it ensuring we get the best possible outcome with all information available. And yes we also always have a human going over checking and improving everything.

    And why are we this loud about it? - We insert new information for it multiple times every week based on insights from Google, Meta, Newsletters, our finds and our connections information.

  • We get everything up and running in 3-7 days.

    After that depending if we take over or start from scratch you will start seeing results / difference within 0-14 days.

    We will go over the exact expected timeline for you later down the line - and update you on it.

If you have any inquiries please contact us via email!​

In this call we will go over how we would start improving your advertising with a look from the outside.

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